Founded in 1942 as the Industrial Relations Association, the Human Resource Management Association has been the leading organization in St. Louis for human resource professionals for more than 60 years. HRMA has been affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management since 1957. During this time, HRMA has consistently been one of SHRM's largest and most active chapters in both local professional development and in its national involvement. HRMA has hosted three SHRM National Conventions, in 1964, 1977 and 1994. It has supplied to SHRM from its membership, a national president, board members, regional vice presidents, committee chairpersons and district directors. HRMA has consistently earned SHRM's Superior Merit Award.
Today we are much improved, affiliated with a national organization - Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and yet the underlying mission has remained basically the same. While the lingo and political jargon may have changed over the years, HRMA continues to be devoted to serving the needs of HR professionals and advancing the interests of our profession.