HR Innovator - Holly Firestine

"There is so much innovation at our fingertips that hasn't been used in HR before. Used strategically, it can be a way to connect the business and people in an incredibly meaningful way."
Holly Firestine is the Chief People Officer at Navvis, a population health management company in St. Louis. Over the last year, she and her team have implemented a variety of artifical intelligence and machine learning tools to help drive better decisions centered around predictive hiring, retention and overall people analytics. While still in the validation phase of collecting measurable data around predictive hiring, they have begun the process of collaborating with individual leaders to validate their initial drivers of success compared to the people they hired. Before a role is posted leaders are asked to choose the top four impact skills they feel will drive success in this role. When an employee reaches six months, the team works in conjunction with individual leaders to validate whether or not those impact skills are actually driving success. While decisions are not made on these factors alone, they become a highly important data point that provides valuable insights into the hiring process, and can also be used as development tools for employees as they settle into their new roles.

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