The Washington Outlook for HR Public Policy

At the August Breakfast Meeting, SHRM Vice President of Policy Engagement, Lisa Horn, shared how SHRM is engaging on various policy issues to deliver Better Workplaces, Better World.
Objective is Elevating SHRM and HR thru Policy and no PACS

Four key areas of policy discussions and focus for SHRM
  • Improving the workplace laws that are from the 1930's surrounding Flex and Leave times
    • S463/HR1185 – Family Act
    • S920/HR1940 – New Parents Act
    • Overtime Regulation Threshold
  • Immigration
    • S386/HR1044 – Fairness for High Skilled Immigration Act
    • Focused on Green Card adjustments and qualifications
    • Verify – Fully electronic I9 verification - hopefully
  • Workforce Development
    • HR1043/S460 Employer Participation in Repayment Act
      • Focused on Student Loan debt
    • There is a strong “Getting Talent Back To Work”
    • American Workforce Policy Advisory Board
      • SHRM CEO on the Board
      • JAG – Jobs for America's Graduates
        • Missouri is part of the pilot program
        • 32 Jag programs in 29 states reaching 1200+ students
  • Workplace Equity
    • S270/HR7xx - Paycheck Fairness Act
      • SHRM opposes as it removes employer's discretion in pay decisions
    • HR748/S684 – Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal
      • SHRM Supports
      • This repeals the 40% Cadillac Tax on health benefits
Please consider the Advocacy Team which ensures the voice of HR is heard by the policy decision makers
  • 11,000 active A-Team members
  • Missouri has 199 members
  • Your Voice + Your Story = Results
  • “If you are not at the policy table then you will be on the menu”