HR Innovator - Transcend Engagement

"Most organizations are doing engagement surveys, but only about 5% have a meaningful action plan to use the information collected." Bob Randall, CEO of Transcend Engagement, and Account Executive, Charlie Girard, are disrupting the employee engagement and culture space.
For three years, Transcend Engagement has partnered with organizations to develop targeted action plans based on engagement survey results and incorporates technology as a means to boost engagement. The technology allows employees to connect with each other at work just as they do in their personal lives with social media.

But the technology is more than just a social platform; Transcend Engagement has identified six common drivers of engagement, including communication, employee development, recognition, relationships with supervisor, employee well-being and social connections. These drivers have been translated into technology in the form of widgets housed on the main Transcend platform. Over the last three years, Transcend has onboarded a few dozen customers, and organizations have dramatically seen their culture survey responses increase as a result of the unique engagement opportunities offered in the Transcend platform. Specifically, recognition. All HR Professionals realize its importance, but it can be difficult to get managers committed to providing meaningful and timely recognition.

Bob notes, Transcend's platform steers away from offering gift cards in their points program. "When you put dollar amounts on items, then it can become less effective with motivation. Having a tangible item resonates with employees much longer than a gift card." Transcend offers tangible items, and proactive coaching/training for managers to drive better leadership participation rates.

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