The Secret of Tedd Trabert's Success

Tedd Trabert is the chapter's new Vice President of Diversity & Workforce Readiness. He currently works as the Director of Human Resources & Engagement at Major Brands, where he has been since May 2019. 
Tedd has a 20-year, multi-industry background in human resources including hospitality, travel, retail, health care and more. His efforts have supported divisions with as many as 30,000 employees, locations in multiple states, and international operations as well.
But his passion for HR started in college in Pennsylvania, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Organizational Psychology followed by a Master's in Human Resources.
The Mentor and the Difference
While his work in human resources includes several companies and industries, it was his position at Health Choice Network that made the most significant impact on him. It was here that he met his mentor, CEO Kevin Kerns. Working with Kevin taught Tedd a lot about leadership, and the type of leader Tedd strives to be. Kevin inspired Tedd to find his voice and confidence as an HR professional.
Tedd took these lessons to heart 2014 was a banner year. 
  • The South Florida Business & Wealth Magazine recognized him with the Apogee Award for his work in human resources. This award acknowledges C-Suite leaders in southern Florida businesses.
  • The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce also awarded him the 2014 Executive Leadership Excellence Award. This award recognizes a human resources professional who created significant value for their company by leading people strategies, change management, talent management, diversity and organizational design initiatives.
  • Word of his achievements made it back to his alma mater, La Roche University, in Pittsburgh, PA. As a result of those accomplishments, La Roche recognized him with the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Circle Award.
Becoming part of the St Louis family
Tedd came to visit St Louis while transitioning between companies. He and his husband, Justin, were driving past the Arch as the eclipse was happening in August 2017. That was the moment they decided St Louis was meant to be their new place. They found their new home that year with the help of HGTV's House Hunters team.
His first experience with the chapter was the October 2018 Leadership Conference. He finds it more valuable as a recurring event than any others he's attended in the past. He loves his personal return on investment and development by attending the conference each year.
One of his favorite traits of the St Louis SHRM chapter is its focus on leading strategic change for human resource professionals and the industry. As the new VP of Diversity & Workforce Readiness, Tedd hopes to support this work and lead chapter members in developing their confidence and advancing Human Resources' presence in C-Suite offices.
His biggest advice to other human resource professionals is to: “Find your voice - quit letting other people tell you that you are wrong. HR was once seen as administrative only, but today human resources is so much more. Keep looking until you find that position where you can excel.”
If you're looking for a new committee to volunteer for, take a moment to find Tedd at the next chapter breakfast and ask him how you can help. We look forward to seeing everything the committee accomplishes this year.