Message From the President

Greetings my HRMA Compatriots!
Pursuant to a (less than subtle) suggestion from my friends at Pinnacle Entertainment, my profile picture has been updated. Apparently, I have not aged well in my tenure with HRMA and my picture was no longer "accurate" in their opinion...

All kidding aside, what an exciting time for our organization! While I have always been a proud member of HRMA, the past month has been unbelievable. In April, our Young Professionals partnered with University Relations to host "How to Get a Job in Human Resources" for students and young professionals. The purpose of this event was to provide some practical advice for individuals looking to break into HR, but I noticed something else going on when I listened to our HRMA volunteers at the event. The passion with which our volunteers shared their stories showed that this was not merely a resume building exercise, but a full on mission to inspire and support those who showed up looking for assistance. It was incredible to witness HRMA in action!

A short time later, HRMA had the privilege of partnering with the NAAAHR and the United Way to conduct the first ever Missouri HR Day of Service. Our organizations were honored with proclamations from both St. Louis City and County citing our contributions to the HR field, as well as our dedication to the community. Receiving those honors was quite a thrill, but what really left me awestruck was watching nearly 100 volunteers provide practical advice to the participants about job hunting, resume building and what employers are looking for during an interview. As HR practitioners, we might take this type of advice for granted, but this was the first time many of our participants had received guidance and genuine feedback on what they can do to break through and land that job they've been working toward.

Both of these events were designed to help others get it someone's first HR position or a new job for someone who may not have caught the same breaks many of us have. That being said, it wasn't just helping someone land a job - it was helping someone start a career, it was helping someone get back on their feet so they can take care of their family and it was helping all of us by providing encouragement, inspiration and a sense of purpose that we are doing some good for others.

Thank you for all you do to make this an incredible organization! We are just getting started!

John Marino
HRMA of Greater St. Louis