May Meeting Recap

Our May 16th Breakfast Meeting began with an introductory presentation by Danielle Spieckerman and Bridget Mitchell. Within their presentation, Danielle and Bridget shared past practices, best practices, and top 10 considerations to evaluate for redesigning your program. The overview of past practices included annual performance reviews, feedback collected by leaders at the end of the year, and goals focused on individual achievements.
New practices included elimination of annual performance reviews, continuous feedback throughout the year, elimination of rating scale, and much more. Furthermore, Danielle and Bridget discussed the top 10 considerations to evaluate for redesigning your program, such as focus, leader and employee discussions, types of goals, ratings, feedback, performance review forms, competencies, technology, project planning, and change management. Danielle and Bridget also discussed legal considerations before implementing a new practice as well.

Following their introductory presentation, Bridget Mitchell presented on the transformation of practices within her company, Aegion Corporation. And finally, Danielle spoke about the transformation of practices at her company, SSM Healthcare.

Our May 16th Breakfast Meeting shared many insights. Remember, “Change is a process, not an event.”