Career Transitions

As HR Professionals we usually are helping employees with their transitions – whether it be to other positions, new bosses or transitioning out of the company.
We don't normally think of career transitions occurring to us, especially if they are unexpected or involuntary. Dale Krienkamp provided some key takeaways at our March meeting with regard to adjusting to career changes. Here are just a few in case you weren't able to make it:
  • If you find yourself looking for a new opportunity, taking advantage of your network is a key way to getting your foot in the door somewhere. People get jobs through their networks, and maintaining these relationships has to be intentional.
  • If you're on the fence about whether or not to voluntarily change positions, consider the idea that making a move can help keep your skills and experience relevant for your overall career path.
  • When you're helping employees with their transitions, treat them with dignity and respect. Just because their employment is being terminated doesn't mean their last day in the building has to be that same day or that they need to be walked out by Security.
Dale's presentation was a great reminder of why resources like SHRM-STL are so helpful. You never know when you might need to lean on your network, whether it's for yourself or to help someone else.