HR Innovator - Strengths University

“Magic happens when you develop your strengths and put them into action to solve problems and achieve goals.” Anne Brackett is the Chief Engagement Officer of the locally based company, Strengths University.
In partnership with Alicia Wojciuch, Strengths University focuses on helping individuals, managers, and companies better understand their natural talents and empowers them to develop those talents into strengths. Primarily centered in education, Anne and her team are on a mission to help managers become more effective on a molecular level. Building on the 34 strengths as identified by Gallup, Anne is able to help individuals take a more targeted approach to traditional training programs by meeting people where they are naturally inclined to excel. This personalized approach has helped individuals and managers maximize individual and team strengths. It can also identify when there is a true organizational fit, and when there isn't. Whether there is a fit or not, individuals are provided intensive coaching that helps propel them toward success, increasing productivity, innovation, positivity, and engagement.

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