Member Spotlight on Carla Lucz

Carla Lucz has been a member of SHRM since before it was called HRMA!
Member name: Carla Lucz

What is your position and where do you work?
Carla is the Director of Human Resources for Midwest Employers Casualty

How long have you been a member of SHRMSTL or HRMASTL?
Carla has been a member of SHRM since before it was called HRMA!

The reason this member is being honored:
Carla has selflessly been volunteering her time to raise money for the SHRM Foundation by selling SHRM T-Shirts and SHRM Mugs at every SHRM event.

When Carla was asked about her experience, she had this to say:
She said that she was just a member who passed along an idea, which she felt obligated to see through. When she attended the national SHRM conference in Chicago last summer, she noticed how the SHRM T-Shirts were just flying off the shelves – and they were not cheap. That gave her the idea that our chapter could sell T-Shirts to benefit the foundation. With our new name and logo, it was the perfect time to introduce them at our local conference in October, and ours were a lot less expensive. A vendor was found that gave us a great deal, which allowed our members to get a good-looking, high-quality T-Shirt with their professional organization's logo on it for only $15 (she just paid $40 for a concert T-Shirt), with all of the profit going to the foundation. We also got beautiful mugs with the SHRM St. Louis logo on them to sell for $5. It's a win-win! The members get a very nice, reasonably priced shirt and/or mug, and we raise funds for the foundation without having to solicit members for a contribution.

Favorite part of being a member:
Carla has been a member on and off for a long time. She has been in HR since she worked part-time at Monsanto during college in their “Personnel” Department. Her favorite part of being a member of SHRM St. Louis is the educational opportunities our organization provides. She was on the board when Kathy Fleming, our President at the time, came up with the idea of having a local conference. As VP of Programs, she was heavily involved with finding speakers and topics for our inaugural conference. Those were also the days when we had two dinner speakers – a workshop before dinner, then a keynote speaker after dinner, along with breakfast meeting speakers and summer symposiums. Coming up with pertinent topics and speakers who mainly volunteered their time was a challenge, but a really important part of our membership. Being an HR professional requires that we constantly update our knowledge and skills. For the annual membership price, our organization is a bargain – we get so many educational opportunities at our meetings, along with a day-long conference, for the price of one outside training seminar.

Where we can find Carla outside of work:
She enjoys spending time with her family – her husband of 30 years and her grown son. She truly relishes her vacations traveling. She loves to explore big cities – NYC being one of her favorites. She also loves to cook – especially bake. Her parents are from Germany, and her mother taught her how to make awesome European pastries. Fancy cakes are her specialty and she makes tons of cookies at Christmas. She says she is lucky that her husband does not have a sweet tooth because she would bake all the time and weigh much more!

What are you most passionate about in HR (list 3 things)?
  1. Educating employees about their benefits – especially new employees. They cannot appreciate their benefits unless they understand them.
  2. Building a rapport with the employees. They should feel comfortable coming to HR with their issues and trust that HR will keep things confidential to the extent possible.
  3. Setting the example. If HR doesn't follow the policies, how can we enforce them?