Code of Conduct

July 2, 1997

This code of conduct for the members of the Human Resource Management Association has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards among its members.

  • Our mission is to foster the professional development of our membership, to be a forum for the exchange of ideas, and to provide for the creative leadership and effective management of people, in order to add value to the organizations our members represent and the community at large.
  • HRMA members are expected to refrain from using any official position to secure special privilege, gain, or benefit for themselves or their companies.
  • Further, members are prohibited from using HRMA meetings or activities as a forum to solicit business or further their commercial or vested interest or the interests of any public regulatory body.
  • A member engaging in conduct injurious to the Human Resource Management Association or a member who violates the principles of HRMA may be expelled or requested to resign by the Executive Committee after being given a fair hearing.